Hi guys,

I’ve been listening to a lot of Web3 podcasts recently and wanted to share a couple that I really enjoyed.

  1. Crypto Island (https://open.kickback.fm/podcast/t97b6T6sxqxeK92bTPoMzU)
  2. The Pomp Pod (https://open.kickback.fm/podcast/64fLLPA4HQgfSCDAfnJhVu)
  3. Bankless (https://open.kickback.fm/podcast/pKBLUEi1mDC3P1hcgy7E1J)
  4. DAOn the rabbit hole (https://open.kickback.fm/podcast/5uKAJ2BYdmbBzM4bnkLza9)

Would love some more recommendations, though.

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