Best Ways to Maximize $ALGO (#36 coin) Via Staking:

$ALGO Is a carbon-negative layer-1 blockchain that uses pure proof of stake.

You can stake ALGO on exchanges or through its native governance protocol which yields 1-2% more APR than staking does. Participating in this on exchanges requires no effort (you simply have to hold $ALGO and opt in to the staking) but they skim 1-2% off the top, making it profitable for the exchange. Committing to governance is an easy process that requires creating an Algorand hot wallet (very simple) and voting in quarterly measures, but results in getting the full APR.

Algorand is also an extremely beginner friendly blockchain, claiming to have solved the trilemma of security, scalability, and decentralization. Most transactions on the Algorand Blockchain cost fractions of an algo (which is fractions of a cent) and reach finality within three seconds. The Algorand blockchain has also never gone down, boasting a record of 100% uptime. Despite being 36th in marketcap, Algorand is 15th by TVL, with a growing ecosystem.

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