Complete crypto idiot here, looking for hot wallet recommendations.

I’ve used Samourai for years, for the rare occasions when I need to send/receive btc – I never hold more than $200 worth of coin at any time, so I haven’t bothered with higher security options like cold wallets.

I need to make another transaction soon, so I checked my Samourai balance and that’s how I found out about the whole US government thing.

I imported my wallet to Sparrow for the time being, but I have no clue how to configure a bitcoin core node, so I connected via public server. Which, I’m told, means zero privacy.

And privacy matters to me.

As I have literally no time to immerse myself in crypto security documentation this week, can you please recommend the least un-private hot wallet for an absolute cryptidiot like myself, purely for the purpose of receiving/ sending a small amount of coin this week?

I promise as soon as I have time I’ll do the work and figure out cold wallets and air gapping and nodes and stuff. Just looking for a quick and easy way to execute a couple of tiny transactions which I’d prefer to keep as private as possible.


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