Like it or not, meme token are here to stay. As we head into the second leg of the 2021 bull market, it would be remiss of us to ignore the number of new users whose first foray into crypto comes via doge-related tokens.

The Basenji team recognises that there is a large viable market for a cross chain Defi service that unites these communities and provides them with a user- friendly platform that fulfils the fundamental De-Fi needs, of a legion of new faces looking to explore the space.

Everyone wants to capitalise on the Dog token hype but most projects are the same abject clones with nearly no variation in name. Basenji aims to go with the trend but stand out from the crowd buy endeavouring to bring together the myriad of different communities under the banner of accessible De-Fi and friendly Degen behaviour.

The initial concepts for both Dogepark and Racetrack are designed to provide an entertaining and engaging way for exploring various de-fi options. Including staking unique token pairs, allowing users to mint their own unique NFTS centred around dog breeds borne of various LP pairs and, whilst also promoting friendly competition and healthy profit incentives via RaceTrack.

Basenji possess an experienced team both in terms of general crypto knowledge, solidity development and the nuances of marketing within this space.

We invite you to come check out our temporary website, where you’ll find our WhitePaper V1 outlining our fundamental ideas. Join our Telegram and ask any questions you may have, our Dev team is nearly always online and able to field queries.

We’re a project with both the necessary skillset and financial backing to make serious inroads in the BSC space propagating and subsequently maintaining healthy stable growth with the possibility of generating excellent returns.

Token Details and Features

  • Token Name: Basenji

  • Token Symbol: BASED

  • Token Type: BEP-20 (Pancakeswap V2)

  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000

  • Contract Source Code Verified on BSC Scan ✅

  • 40% Supply Burned 🔥

  • Liquidity Locked with UniCrypt for 3 Months with extension to come


  • 4% fee auto added to liquidity pool.

  • 2% fee auto distributed to all holders.

  • 40% of Basenji supply is burned from the beginning.


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