Many other coins are having this function already and are better suited for that. BTC was not designed to do such a thing from a start and is has difficulties to make it efficiently.

From time to time I was using it to make some transactions, because it’s so easily accepted and I don’t have to pay for changing it into different coins. Now with costly transaction fees, I’m not doing it anymore. Have to keep separate stack of other coins, which are more volatile, just for transactions. It’s dumb. If they ever wanted to introduce it, they should at least start with lowering the fees, otherwise it’s just another unusable for average coin. Ordinals are nothing more than a stunt to make BTC even more dominant, without any need for that. BTC is awesome with it’s main function, they should let is stay like this.

Now we will just have more scams on the main network, more wrong attention and for what? It might as well be the beginning of a disaster if enough scams occur. Greed won over the reason again, but what else can we assume in this community?

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