I am a bit late to the ALGO game, but I have just discovered how much APY the Yieldly app provides. You can stake your Yieldy or other ASAs for crazy APYs that range from 40-110%. I have always invested heavy into ALGO, and initially I honestly thought that everything else that came with ALGO was a bit corny or just too good to be true. After giving it a try and converting my ALGO through the newly released tinyman app, I am extremely excited and ridiculously high on hopium.

Now that I got that out of the way, I am curious to know why more people are not aware of or have not spoken much about these opportunities on here. I know that many people here will say that I am shilling the coin or promoting out of my free-will, although I honestly am not. I just really want to know:

What are your thoughts on ALGO?

Are you staking through Yieldly and using Tinyman?

What are is keeping you from using ALGO /Yieldly /Tinyman?

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