This is a question regarding my situation where I want to handle my DeFi anonymously. It partly belongs to subs for privacy, but most of the people there don't know how DeFi works and what my question is actually about. Maybe someone here can answer it.

My wallet and the transactions are not linked to me in any way (no contact to KYC platforms).

I am only active on DeFi platforms (such as Uniswap and similar). There, I am doing my transactions (swaps, liquidity mining, etc).

Now, I have considered a privacy-oriented OS (Qubes + Whonix VM) and always using Tor browser, which gives me great privacy as well as security. As you certainly know though, Tor for every day use is a pain in the butt. If it was absolutely necessary for my anonymity, I would still do it.

However, I have thought about the following thing:

If I don't use Tor browser, but instead a privacy-configured Firefox with VPN (no log, paid anonymously):

Is it even possible to find out who those transactions which are viewable in the blockchain belong to (and how high the amounts are)?

Suppose I never use the blockchain explorer, which could indeed reveal it (because I am opening a site which shows a transaction with exact data).

If necessary, I would buy a new PC which I only use for this purpose.

Let me know your thoughts.

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