Introducing, the token that has many structures holding it together for long term use but was only created for one reason. To do good and bring hope to the people that there’s still good out there in this world. AnonInu – $AINU Token.

AnonInu was launched on July 27th 2021, it’s just over three months old. With constant value added to the token by its reflections and increase of holders (18K). In the past three months, the AnonInu community has been on a roller coaster. There’s been major ups and downs. On the ups portion, the AnonInu community got together and decided to construct a well developed plan for the project.

What will make the project different from any other dog meme token? Well, let’s break it down.

The smart contract, alone, makes it different from many other contracts. It has a low tax rate with high reflections to holders. Simply, hold and watch your value raise, no matter if whales sell. The beautiful thing about the holders count is that there’s no one holding an amount that will cause a heavy price impact. There’s also a buy back function in place to increase volume and add towards liquidity to decrease the price impact.

This low market cap token has many plans on their roadmap for completion. The team behind the roadmap is successfully completing everything they’ve promised in the order it was made. Some are even being completed earlier than expected. Such as, the staking ‘play to earn’ game.

Here are the details: The staking game will be launched mid-November on a sub-domain. You can play live with up to 10 other people. Let’s say you’ve staked 10 AINU tokens and the nine other participants did as well. Once the game starts, every participant will see three doors in front of them. Once everyone chooses what door to open there will be a number behind it. The numbers consist from negative six to positive six. Every player will have a chance to switch doors but only one time. For example, if you opened the door and it’s the lowest number like negative six. Then it’ll be a good idea to switch doors because you’ll have a better chance at winning the first round. The participant with the lowest number chosen will be eliminated from the round. The participants will continue playing each round until there’s one left. At the end of the game, the winner will receive their 10 AINU tokens and 80 AINU tokens of the lost participants. The tokens that are left will be sent back to the game bot to cover all the tax fees.

The AnonInu Token has much more in store for the future to bring in value. This project is three months old but it’s still very early. For more information, you join their social links. Thanks for reading!






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