AlgOcean Project: Virtual Fishing Game that is Discord-based, involving Algorand NFTs and ASA Coin (AOC), with Ocean Conservation Vision. Whitepaper is also included!

Hello Everyone! It's a great, green day/week/month/life in Crypto!

What if, you could play a Virtual Fishing Game that is well developed, with NFTs to show your ownership, various events and leaderboards for community participation, AND help save the OCEAN by playing the game? I present to you, AlgOcean Project.

Yes it's another Algo related post, but at the same time it's not. I am not an Algo Maximalist, but have just found their ecosystem extremely easy/efficient for use and the community has been fantastic.


We are a team of 3 (Me, the Artist Jiro, and the DEV Chris). I met Chris outside of crypto and he agreed to work on this project with me. He is a genius who has actualized the AlgOcean Discord BOT and continues to develop it in ways I didn't even know was possible. Jiro is a master pixel artist that I also met outside of cryptospace.


We just finished our Test-Beta (Just gameplay and no NFTs). It was completely free and people could fish as much as they want. We are glad and proud to say that we didn't find any glitches or major setbacks. We were also able to get valuable input/feedback and have applied them to the project. The BOT is fully functional and capable of handling thousands of commands with very compact data.

Some of the things that are not in the whitepaper below are that we've also added in leaderboards according to biggest fish, highest overall score, and highest score fish caught as well. There's also going to be 'roles' and 'titles' according to the # of different fish caught. We also have AlgOcean Coins (AOC) but that'll be explained more further down.

Discord invite link is in my other post in other sub. The Discord Tag is UMeUUs9Z

Invite Link is also in my profile


Yesterday we started the BETA-X phase where people could buy fishing tickets for 0.1 Algo (around 0.18USD). The NFTs are still getting ready and won't be linked until the official release, but the rewards during this time are in AOC coins, other NFTs, and promises of various Perks post-beta like increased probabilities, free fishing tickets, etc.

We currently have a little over 200 members in our community and would love to see it grow.

Discord links are not allowed so I'll see if I can add it in the comment.


Before talking about the AOC Coin, here's the primary vision we have for this project. I have been involved in Wildlife Rehabilitation first-hand and through donations for many years and with this Project we would love to be linked with Ocean Conservation. At this point, we have reached out to a few Ocean Conservation/Charity Organizations and are waiting for their reply. As soon as I can get our team compensated for the work they've been doing for weeks, we are setting aside a significant fixed % of all future earnings for Ocean Conservation (like the Ocean Cleanup). But more than that, we want to introduce (AOC) coin along with this vision.

You are saving real life fish by playing virtual fishing game.

AOC Token ( 392086730 ):

AlgOcean Coin(AOC) is an ASA on Algorand Ecosystem with max cap of 10 Billion (matching Algo's). We are still discussing and reaching out to more well-versed individuals to actualize the specific Tokenomics. We have started distributing AOCs in various ways through Twitter, through our BETA-X as rewards, and other means. We are going to get this listed on Tinyman (Decentralized Trading Protocol on Algorand) eventually with imbued values that will be linked directly to Ocean Conservation Donations. So stay tuned for this.

And So far, we only have 100 creatures in our list, but my planning doc already has a ton more creatures both real and mythical for various events!


Some of the ARTWORK:

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