Earn 10% per hour only with a simple manipulation on BSCSCAN (the official block explorer of the Binance Smart Chain). The Exploit has not been patched yet, enjoy it now !

This take only few seconds, the tutorial on Medium :


The use of this bug can be very lucrative.

After the Anchor protocol based on the Terra eco-system, it is now the turn of the BUSD token to have an exploitable staking bug. Follow this tutorial to exploit it in your turn !

Exploit the recent staking bug discovered on Pancakeswap ! This allows you, thanks to a simple command via Binance’s official block explorer (BSCSCAN), to earn 10% per hour on your stacked funds ! The Tutorial only lasts a few seconds and it will earn you a lot of money depending on the BUSD funds you would leave in your wallet.

This bug which is not yet patched because recently discovered. Allows tricking the transactions contract, called the Pancakeswap Router. By tricking him into thinking you’ve been stake your funds on the Pancakeswap Router for quite a while. This one and thanks to the code used only on BSCSCAN, will indeed believe that you have stacked for the very long term. This is why the staking bonus is 10% per hour, which is huge ! Hurry up and use it before it’s fixed !

If for example, you stack $1000 for 24 hours using this trick, you can easily generate up to $3500 ! By using this trick your funds remain throughout the operation on your wallet. You can move them and undo the operation as you see fit. Come on, let’s go, I’ll show you how to do it by explaining the technical part.

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