Alameda's bitcoin-denominated loans from Voyager coincide with every major dump in the last few months

With Voyager’s collapse and the subsequent legal proceedings we got access to lots of interesting information. They lent Alameda (FTX ventures) quite a bit of Bitcoin from March to June this year.

So, how did that turn out?

Alameda does it again

They probably shorted the shit of the borrowed BTC – nothing controversial with short selling – borrowing a security, selling it and then buying it back as lower price.

Here are a few points though to consider:

  • We can’t have ONE fund with that much command over an entire market.
  • This is what happens to your coins boys when you lend them to yielding platforms or just park them on exchanges – they are used to manipulate the market.
  • How on earth will they grand us a Bitcoin ETF when all it takes is a single fund to manipulate the market this badly?
  • What blows my mind is that on the one hand there is this fund doing all these shady things to manipulate the market and on the other hand there is FTX – a market maker – with knowledge of all the trades in their books. Does anyone really think that they are not feeding Alameda real time data effectively allowing them risk free bets against their customers and by extension the whole market?

Please don’t lend your coins and keep them off exchanges. Stay safe.

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