Hey there! I like the thought of accumulating Crypto passively.

  1. My favourites are so far:

BlockFi 1,5 – 3,5% Cashback

Crypto.com 1-8% Cashback

and no fees at all, aswell accepted everywhere by visa.

Do you know more for European or Australian users?

Highest Cashback, lowest fees and worldwide acceptation are my priorities.

Actually I tend to order one when the bear market is there, so not earlier than Q1 2022.

I know these are more Cefi than Defi but if u heard of some better Defi deals or offers for the future let me know!

2) STablecoins like UST have since there inception 20% APR. I'm looking for the highest and securest where i can be sure than my money dont get lost/liquidated.

I heard aswell of acryptos.com with 50%+ APR range, both havent tried. Any experiences/advices?

Saftey is my priority is more important than highest yield here!

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