That’s really a crazy thing to think about. Especially these days being caught up with meteoric daily gains, both shitcoins and not. And the sheer volume of coins available has just exploded this year

We’ve come to take for granted huge gains because there always seems to be a gargantuan monster doing 300% in a day. If you can time it.

Like they always say – time in the market beats timing the market. And investing in a solid, quality coin like ETH is always a good long term play. Shit, not even one where you’re settling. It’s literally 10x in a year while maintaining itself as the second biggest offering out there

Sure, I regret not grabbing ETH at $500. But my average cost is $3,200. Which in a year will look like nothing. Better to regret a little now and learn from it than regret after the next 10x

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TLDR – zoom out and appreciate the insane gains

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