Today i wanna talk about a coin that i think deserve a bit more recognition and that coin is called Banano. Banano is a so-called "fourth-generation" cryptocurrency that utilizes Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) based block-lettuce architecture, where each user possesses his own blockchain. Banano forked from Nano in April 2018.

With Banano, instead of running arbitrary calculations to "mine" a cryptocurrency, your computer runs protein fold simulations through [email protected] to help scientists around the world fight diseases such as Alzheimers, Cancer, Parkinson's. As a result of your contribution, you get rewarded in Banano. Although i will admit that the folding reward are a bit low but hey most of the people that are folding don't seems to mind it as they fold to contribute to medical researches and not for the profit.

Me personally i have been folding towards cancer researches since April cause i freaking hate cancer as its have done so much harm to my family. Now i'm not smart or rich so if it wasn't for banano i wouldnt have been able to contribute to cancer researches so, the fact that i'm able to contribute to medical researches by folding on my laptop is a blessing for me.

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