Hey! I’ve got a new project here that I think you might be interested in. It’s a brand new concept based on the pioneering BitcoinHalf ($30 > $300,000) that I worked on prior.

We’ve launched Little Miss Hyper Burn.

It has the same launch pattern as BTC.5, however, after seeing the effects on BTC.5, we noticed some room for improvement.

Originally, the main issue they had with BTC.5 was there was too much supply and the LP was too low, so we saw massive fluctuations a result. We’ve taken that knowledge and factored this in on Little Miss Hyper Burn with a brand new concept and purpose built smart contract, alongside that we are diverting a large portion of sales taxes to LP to fatten it up as we move through our project.

We have created a legitimate “Hyper Burn” feature that instead of conventional burn contracts, is specifically designed to burn large amounts of tokens by directly skimming 2% off every single transaction. This differentiates us from the conventional swap back method used in other burn contracts.

This (currently) in phase 3 has burnt 6% supply already (over 2% total supply PER DAY) and we’re only in phase 3.

Here’s a little phase breakdown:



0.1% max wallet | 1,000,000 tokens


0.5% max wallet | 5,000,000 tokens

PHASE 3: GROWTH (Current)

1.0% max wallet | 10,000,000 tokens


2.0% max wallet | 20,000,000 tokens

We’re not being silly with this, we’ve seen over a 500x MC increase since launch at ATH 16k.. and our target is to break $300,000 in competition with BTC.5 that was a massively well known project.

And we’re in PHASE 3. The chart is holding nicely at around 11k currently, when the time is right, phase 4.

As the volume increases in partnership with the max wallet sizes, the amount of supply burnt also increases.

Every burn increases price per token value.

BTC.5 aim was to try to hit $1, but it wasn’t possible to do that with the token supply amount.

This is the solution… and it’s a very smart one.

We’ve currently gone from $30 to $21,500 (“PHASE 3” over 700x) and has floored roughly at $11,000 whilst we try to filter out the early buyers.

Then phase 4 will be the big one.. combined with a rapid burn rate and most of the sell taxes going to LP, we should be able to rapidly grow this and cause a storm, just like in BTC.5 but with the issues of low LP and too much token supply burnt out.

Again, currently we are burning 2% total supply per day, with very low organic volume. (We have yet to use any sort of paid influencer marketing).

Do you think you would have any holders that would be interested in this brand new concept?


Phase 3: Max Txn and Max wallet 1% (10M)


TG: https://t.me/littlemisshyperburn

Chart: https://www.dextools.io/app/bnb/pair-explorer/0x814e1c6b45c25b7c693ffba619ce8fbb03bce623

CA: 0x4b3af80bafe998ecfbd4df485e208f377e9e36cc

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