In early April 2020 the Solana team stated that the total circulating supply was 8.2M. When in reality the total circulating supply was above 20M!

By the end of the month a independent 3rd party managed to find a unlocked Solana wallet containing 13M tokens! Once the Solana team was fully exposed they released a medium article admitting to the fraud, Explaining that these 13M tokens where loaned to a “marker maker”.

On May 23rd the Solana team announced that they were only able to retrieve 3.3M coins out of the 11.3M they had loaned out. Instead they released 8M new SOL tokens into circulation in order meet their commitment to burn without any announcement beforehand.

On Sept 14, SOL team announced that their "mainnet-beta is experiencing intermittent instability" and shut down their so called decentralized Blockchain for 17h, resulting in $11 billion worth of investor money being stuck in limbo .

This is anything but an "Ethereum-killer"

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