As we enter 2025, some meme tokens priced below $1 are showing incredible growth potential. 5 months ago I was investing only $500 in PEPE, now $500 turned into $10,000 and I held it for 5 months. Don’t rush to sell. I’m still holding it. Here’s an in-depth look at the top 6 meme tokens to watch this year..

  1. PEPE

Current Price: $0.00001486

This meme coin Recently broke its ATH (All-Time High). Now a days again breaking its ATH again..

  1. $SHIB

Current Price: $0.00002427

Market Performance: SHIB has shown significant movement over the past year, particularly due to its strong community support and frequent mentions by influencers and celebrities.

3.GALIEN (1000X)

This is a very fresh and new project produced for the public.

Green Alien, the name of which we will hear frequently in the near future.It is not yet listed on Cex exchanges. The community is growing day by day.

Because Green Alien holds the record for the most views worldwide.

Current Price: $0.00001324

Its price is estimated to be $2 when it is listed on Cex.

(GreenAlien) (GAlien).

Only available on pancakeswap.BNB Chain Network.

CONTRACT address:


I am hearing that Pepe, GAlien and Floki will develop a joint project in mid-2025.

It would be useful to collect it now :))

  1. $BOME

Current Price: BOME is now a days trading at $0.0130

Market Cap: Ranks in the top 100 by market cap, showcasing its popularity and market acceptance..

  1. $DOGE

Current Price: $0.160

Everyone Knows Dogecoin ($DOGE), king remains King started as a joke but has become a major player in the crypto world. Created by software engineers Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus, Dogecoin was designed to make crypto accessible to the masses…..


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