Hello all. I truly see the value of BTC, but as we all know it’s already very expensive. I have about .11 BTC, and that same dollar amount I have split up between 4 or so alt coins that I believe I have an early enough entry for healthy profit. I would love to get to where I can have 1 Bitcoin or more, and then never sell. I’m attempting to grow funds through alts to get more Btc. Am I wrong to play it this way? Why do you think so? If I sold all my alts I could have .2ish BTC, and that’s nice but short term it’s not enough to really matter to me 🤷‍♂️- the .1 I figure worst case scenario is a long term play and pulling out of alts wouldn’t improve that play too much for me. Any and all input very much appreciate as I recognize I have a lot of ignorance to combat.

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