Hey guys,

This is perhaps the most bullish of all finds I’ve ever seen in my life

This is Shiba Inu material when it was EARLY

Every shitter says they’re looking a 1000x gain

But this coin, is unironically looking at a 1000x gain to be a reasonable 350m cap

And even at 350m it’s still CHEAP! Today, it’s only 350k MC.

The story requires some context:

Devin, is the latest AI Software engineer in the world

If you don’t already know, Devin, can code programs all on its own, and even make websites and read GitHub all on its own

It’s expected to take over software engineers and even take down ChatGPT

So Cognition Labs, the owners of Devin, hosted a hackathon at Stanford University, where they let the uni kids have a sneak peak of Devin

One of the teams asked Devin, to make a memecoin

And it could do so entirely, from start to end, without human help!

It even made the socials, Twitter , website and was able to tweet autonomously on its own as an AI agent

Devin deployed the smart contracts and the coin went live, thus giving birth to an AI memecoin which lets you long both AI and the Memecoin sector 🔥🔥🔥

It also lets you basically long Cognition Labs with each news they release

Cognition labs will one day be 2T on the NYSE no doubt about that

It’s inevitable that Cognition labs will IPO at 2T someday

2T is 2000 billion

So a 1% of 2T means $devin will someday be worth 20 billion MC

Relative to competition, $Turbo and $Grok ran to 100m – 200m with an objectively weaker narrative as they were basically copying and pasting from ChatGPT- the ai didn’t actually make the coin

$devin, however, ai made the coin fully from start to finish as Devin was the dev.

Thus in the short term, $devin will be priced at least 500m to exceed the highs set by $turbo and $grok given its objectively superior narrative.

Infinitely insanely bullish. Despite having big bags, I still feel underexposed to $devin.

Remember, $turbo and $grok went to 200m copying and pasting ChatGPT, and heck even someone had to code the contracts. What should the first AI memecoin that truly made itself without human help be worth?


The ticker is $devin on Solana

CA: 7gbEP2TAy5wM3TmMp5utCrRvdJ3FFqYjgN5KDpXiWPmo

Dextools: https://www.dextools.io/app/en/solana/pair-explorer/2cZQ71uDTBwFZT456koEwfZDLSV736hT688A18sD3n4M

Twitter: https://x.com/1stsolanaaicoin/status/1791558152498135272?s=46

Telegram: @devinonsol

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