"Have you ever asked yourself this question? I have.

I remember the day BTC started making waves and news, 2015, it was my first year in university and I remember thinking: what kind of idiot buys this sh&t?

I'll tell you who, a very rich idiot.

Yeah I regret not looking it up, and not buying in (I probably couldn't have anyway since I didn't have money to begin with lmao). Thankfully, I feel like I've learned my lesson, I never push away new ideas or recommendations anymore, wherever that may come from.

Every time I see a youtuber talk about something new and smart, I go their media and I do my research. I am one to learn from my mistakes. Even a couple of days ago, someone here mentioned the Royal Falcons with their distinctive rewards program and I went immediately and did my research before buying in.

Never pass up ideas, don't let the future you be filled with regrets."

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