"Where in defi can I bet using crypto?

The last F1 season was insane. My small group of friends and I pooled a pot together and Max Verstappen won! I made 1500 Dollars!

This got me thinking, betting is fun as hell, is there somewhere on DeFi where I can properly bet and expect an actual decentralized betting system?

My friend was telling me about [betswap](betswap.gg) and it seems pretty promising, am still looking into it at the moment.

The rush I felt getting to the win was indescribable, and the joy I felt when I held those dollars was sublime. I forgot how fun betting is. I hate how casino and places like bet365 have made a sham of it. Literally if you mention betting in front of someone they will immediately pigeonhole you into a reckless douchebag cast. "

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