"To say that juice fees are preposterous is to understate it really. In my opinion, there’s nothing more ridiculous than it. And what makes it even more irritating is it is actually legal. If you’re still wondering what I am on about? Juice is a 10% commission that most Sport Betting companies charge on your losses. Yes, you heard that right. Your losses and not your wins. So let’s say you place a $100 bet on an outcome and you lose that bet, you pay the bookie a $110 dollars. Crazy right? I totally agree. They also called vigorish by the way.

Just incase you plan on quitting betting, I don’t yet. There appears to be new DeFi platform on the block doing things differently. They are called Betswap and rather than charge 10% on your losses, they charge 1.5% on winnings. Yes, it’s not exactly commission free but it’s fair in my opinion because the fee is actually for operational costs.

I am really excited to see Defi changing this industry this year. Don’t worry I’ll be watching this space and keeping you guys updated. Would love your thoughts on it too."

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