A solo miner just won 6.25 BTC by mining a block on the Bitcoin Blockchain. Given the Hash Rate at his disposal, this miner had a 1,400,000 chance of pulling this off.

So we can say that this miner is ultra lucky.

This may have made some of you wonder if it could still be profitable in 2022 to mine Bitcoin if you are an individual with limited means.

In the latest issue of the In Bitcoin We Trust Newsletter, I offer you a complete study of the cost and your chances of winning the big Bitcoin mining lottery like this ultra-lucky miner.

This will allow you to see if the result is worth it: https://inbitcoinwetrust.substack.com/p/solo-home-miner-earns-625-btc-reward

You'll learn that with the same odds as this solo miner of finding the next block, you'd need almost 31 years to hope to win "the big Bitcoin mining lottery" yourself. The big question is whether you would be able to mine Bitcoin for 31 years without winning anything day after day…

So wouldn't it be more interesting to join a mining pool in order to have more guaranteed income? Or better yet, wouldn't it be better to buy Bitcoin directly and become a Bitcoin HODLer?

All the answers to these questions are in the article.

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