Effortless Finance has one of the most creative concepts of how token progression and development is tackled for sustainability giving it a unique valuefor its investors.

EFFIN is more than just a tradable token or cryptocurrency, it's an ongoing sustainable project, with proprietary smart contract, and has its own evolving ecosystem of DApps that injects its profits into its tokenomics for its investors.

⋅ True Fair Launch

⇁ Launched with no prior announcement, no pre-sale, no white-listings, and no developer wallets.

⋅ Development Driven

⇁ The development team behind EFFIN is funded only by continuously developing decentralized applications and the continued transaction of EFFIN's investors and patrons. The development team has intentionally withheld from keeping any minted EFFIN and released all minted EFFIN's for publicinvestors, this reliance on EFFIN's evolution ensures the project's continuous development and progression.

⋅ Proprietary Tokenomics

⇁ EFFIN has its own proprietary tokenomics algorithm built from the ground up that solves critical overflow failures compared to other tokens or cryptocurrencies with dividends orreflections.

⋅ DApps Ecosystem

⇁ Earnings from EFFIN's ecosystem of DApps that are developed, being developed, and will be developed are governed by the same proprietary tokenomics principles. Meaning any earnings are injected directly into EFFIN's proprietary tokenomics and are redistributed based on EFFIN's tokenomics principles of yield and financial liquidityto benefit EFFIN investors.

⋅ Symbol: EFFIN

⋅ Name: EffortlessFinance

⋅ BscScan: https://www.bscscan.com/token/0x4A77f12C393525327314C0D52c55a44532206424

⋅ PancakeSwap:https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x4A77f12C393525327314C0D52c55a44532206424

⋅ Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000 EFFIN

Remember to set your PancakeSwap Slippage to 12% or visit our website [effin.dev] to use our DApp – EFFIN Precise

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