"Well decentralization has advantages and disadvantages for the crypto world, just as it can bring gains it can bring losses, but in my opinion if you put it in an overall balance, I think it is good for the whole blockchain ecosystem.

Although I have to say that most of the decentralized protocols are exactly the same as each other, we haven't seen anything new or innovative in this time, no? well that's what I think, if for you it's different explain me why, I read you, this is a discussion forum and there are no wrong answers, only opinions. Right now we are still in the boom of NFT games, I think that's why we see so many new games every day. But if you put together decentralization, a De-Fi, Game-Fi and Venture Capital? is it a good idea? Development or another way to make money?

Well there was something that caught my attention, there is a group or project, called DIG, (Decentralised Investmen Group) that plans to put together the three arms we mentioned before to focus on blockchain technology development and decentralization and even put it together with artificial intelligence.

Hey Redditors, do you think it would be a revolution or just a very ambitious project as an excuse to make money? as I told you this is a discussion forum and there are no answers just opinions I want to read them."

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