ETH 2.0 is coming and surely brings a lot of promise. A Proof of Stake consensus and a fully sharded blockchain, finally curing the bane of millions of users of high fees and inefficient transaction processing.

But while you're waiting for this to happen, take a look at NEAR Protocol which recently won blockchain of the year award and recently raised $150M in a new funding round. NEAR Protocol is currently transitioning to a fully sharded network as well, and hopes to complete by end of 2022. But since it has launched its Phase 0, Simple Nightshade, you can get a taste of what's coming.

After launching this phase, the network became significantly faster and more efficient.

If you have an ethereum wallet with balance higher than 0.05ETH, you can claim a free NEAR wallet(like ENS except its used everywhere and is built into the chain!)

So checkout NEAR Protocol and its amazing ecosystem now! It also has its own EVM, Aurora, which has 0 fees currently!

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