AidiVerse is a blockchain-based ecosystem aiming to provide several crypto assets and utilities. The project plans to deliver everything DeFi, including an NFT platform, P2E gaming, and decentralized exchange services. Furthermore, it should soon expand to incorporate yield farming, asset performance analytics, and even physical merchandise.These features and many more should help AidiVerse rival more established blockchain ecosystems in the cryptosphere. This short review looks closer at this up-and-coming project, its tokenomics, and its roadmap.

What is AidiVerse?

Blockchain technology is developing at unprecedented speed and creating new business opportunities for various applications. For instance, only in the past two years, we’ve seen the explosion of decentralized finance (DeFi), NFTs, and GameFi. Every day, we see new projects surfacing in each of these sectors.An ambitious project often seeks to encompass all these applications within its growing ecosystem. This is not an easy feat. However, AidiVerse believes it can achieve it by integrating complete DeFi solutions with blockchain gaming and NFTs, among others.

AidiVerse Features

AidiVerse launched in 2021 and has developed remarkably fast ever since. Now, it proposes a comprehensive suite of DeFi tools and solutions. Some are up and running, while others are still in development. Here is a short presentation of each promising application in the AidiVerse blockchain ecosystem!


This is one of AidiVerse’s top features. AidiSWAP provides users with a decentralized exchange to trade ERC-20 and BEP-20 assets quickly and effectively. At the moment, the platform supports peer-to-peer taking place without the need for a third party’s approval.In the future, AidiSWAP should incorporate an automated market maker (AMM) feature. Additionally, it should enable users to access liquidity provision, rewards, and yield farming. Lastly, they will engage in live trading with stop-limit orders.


AidiCRAFT is the NFT marketplace within AidiVerse, bringing together artists, creators, and NFT collectors. Here, users can create their own NFTs, sell them or enrich their collections by buying from others. Above all, the whole environment comes with a user-friendly design accommodating new and expert NFT enthusiasts alike.Through AidiCRAFT, the developers seek to build a loyal and fast-growing NFT community. Its members will earn $Verse when they buy or sell on the marketplace. $Verse is the governance and primary utility token for AidiCRAFT. Additionally, $VERSE holders with more than 500 coins can earn $ETH rewards, as well.AidiCRAFT will enable NFT holders to sell their assets through a fixed price auction mechanism by using $VERSE, $ETH, $WETH, or USDT. Alternatively, they can choose a timed system or an ongoing auction, using $VERSE or $WETH. Most importantly, they will not have to pay any minting fees when using $VERSE.Lastly, AidiCRAFT users should look forward to the “lazy minting” option coming out on January 26. This new feature will enable artists to mint NFTs with no gas fee and only when someone purchases them.


According to its whitepaper, AidiVerse uses this SaaS tool to provide accurate crypto market insights to traders. This way, both new and expert crypto enthusiasts can enter the market possessing transparent and helpful information. Furthermore, they can use it to track Aidi token performance and rewards. At the time of writing, AidiCONNECT is still in development. However, the AidiVerse team plans to launch it before the end of Q1 2022.


By the end of 2022, AidiVerse will launch a decentralized and borderless gaming platform. AidiPLAYFI will consist of several games incorporating all the advances in GameFi and blockchain-based P2E gaming we know so far. Additionally, the platform will also host third-party games.Players will use the $AIDI utility token to join AidiPLAYFI. Additionally, they will exchange it for in-game items as NFTs.Holding $AIDI will also give governance rights over the whole system, with a voting mechanism on future developments, new game creations, etc.


AidiGARAGE is another in-development feature from AidiVerse. It will function as an online storefront where users can buy AidiVerse merchandise. Also, it will divide its proceedings into four sections:

  • 25% will go to charitable activities.
  • Another 25% will go to the marketing wallet.
  • 25% will go into the ecosystem development operations.
  • The remaining 25% will reach the project’s liquidity pools.


AidiVerse incorporates two tokens, $AIDI and $VERSE. Here are their roles within the ecosystem:


AidiVerse released $AIDI as a deflationary token on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. As a result, it is compatible with both ERC-20 and BEP-20 standards. Holders will use it predominantly on the AidiPLAYFI platform.The team released a maximum supply of 100 quadrillion $AIDI but burned 50% of the tokens at launch. Out of the remaining amount, 45% became available as DEX liquidity, and 5% went towards the team and development.Every $AIDI transaction comes with a 2% tax, which the team equally divides between automatic burning operations and rewards.


$VERSE is an ERC-20 utility and reward token available for the AidiCRAFT platform. Also, it includes an “anti-dump” algorithm, which increases the fee on large selling operations to 20%. Every transaction involving this token comes with a 10% fee, which the team distributes to:

  • Automatic buyback and burn of $AIDI tokens (3%)
  • ETH rewards for $VERSE holders with more than 500 tokens (4%)
  • Team, marketing, and charity operations (3%)


AidiVerse launched in 2021, but it quickly developed into a standout blockchain ecosystem. So far, the project has released AidiSWAP and its two tokens. Also, it has updated its official website and released its mainnet in October of last year.In 2022, AidiVerse is ready to release AidiCONNECT and AidiPLAYFI. Both features will expand the suite of DeFi tools and help grow its loyal community.For the future, the project aims to launch AidiPAD, an IDO launchpad for developers and gaming communities. Also, the team announced plans for a kid-friendly platform, AidiKIDZ. This feature will help the younger generations learn more about blockchain and the crypto world.


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