🏅 SportsCollective ($SPORTS) provides fans with unique opportunities to collect NFTs curated by their favorite sport athletes. Live the dream of every sports fan through SportsCollective.

$SPORTS is launching on the 18th of Jan on Uniswap at 2PM UTC!

SportsCollective is the platform for sports enthusiasts. The platform provides the unique opportunity for fans to hold NFTs curated by their favourite sports athletes. Live the dream of every sports fan through SportsCollective.

There are 2 major issues in the current sports industry: Athletes have a short professional lifespan and hence have to rely on sponsorship and brands to maintain their earning power. There is a lack of engagement between fans and athletes.

SportsCollective ($SPORTS) remedies these issues through the implementation of smart contracts and blockchain technology on its platform. The platform will provide a marketplace for athletes to curate NFTs and provide them to their fans against a fee. This helps in generating a stream of income for athletes without the involvement of many middlemen. As for fans, the SportsCollective platform provides them with the “once of a lifetime” experience of holding unique NFT pieces curated by their favourite athletes. SportsCollective is the bridge between fans and athletes thereby allowing both stakeholders to elevate their everyday experience in the sports world.

SportsCollective (SPORTS) is more than just an app. It is a community of sports lovers. The focus is on creating utility for athletes and their fans. $SPORTS is the native token of the SportsCollective platform. It will be launched as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum network. $SPORTS will give holders the ability to benefit from the multiple utilities that the token holds.

The platform aims at creating a “once in a lifetime” experience for fans by connecting them to their favourite stars through NFTs🎖 Elevate your everyday sports experience with $SPORTS.

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🏐Telegram: https://t.me/Sports_Collective_International

🏐Website: https://sportscollective.club/

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