We are the ManusCrypt

About ManusCrypt

Because of the project team is a supporter of the concept of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, the project was created precisely on the blockchain, which makes it possible to exclude the advantage of any of the players in the game and constantly ensure the reliability of the game algorithm, while maintaining equal conditions for all players.

The ManusCrypt project was based on three principles – earnings, training and entertainment. The modern world quickly carries us to the future, and the conditions of modern realities are changing very quickly. Our project was created to teach people to use their intellectual and material resources to the maximum, to bring them closer and acquaint them with blockchain technology and the work of smart contracts, and all this in the format of a dynamic and exciting game!

About the game

The ManusCrypt game belongs to the genre of turn-based economic strategies, where the players have the task of at least not losing and, ideally, constantly increasing their deposit on the volatile and turbulent modern crypto market. In the course of the game, thanks to the non-linear plot and the intervention of random, but very important for the crypto industry events, your deposit will be constantly subject to ups and downs, which will force you to develop your own strategy, which you can then easily transfer to the real world and apply it in the world of real investments.

Enjoy it!


Pre-sale is going https://anyx.app/project/MANUSCRYPT



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