While reading a lot of moon-farming comments by the typical dogecoin-haters i wanted to highlight a little something.

Yes, right now you can buy merchandise with dogecoin on the tesla-merchstore.

A little group of people watched the updates to the homepage happening over the last days, and alot of the haters seem to miss one important point here…

The Tesla-Merch-Store and the Vehicle-Store are 2 different webstores, with their own sourcecode.

Both of them have been updated with code to enable payments in dogecoin, not only the the Merch-Store.

There would be no reason to add additional code to the vehicle-store, if it is not planned to use Dogecoin as payment method for cars in future.

It goes step by step, and starting with the merchstore gives tesla a good testrun before payments get enabled on the vehicle-store.

Get over it.

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