The salty post about dogecoin being accepted at Tesla for some items – the sixth largest company in the world, accepting the purchase of items with cryptocurrency, priced in cryptocurrency and not fiat – is absolutely disgraceful. It shows what this sub is – not an advocate for cryptocurrency, but a thinly veiled place to be tribal and act salty when other people’s bags do well.

That’s pathetic.

This is a huge win for cryptocurrency in general. I’ve been around this space since 2013. Back then, Bitcoiners were screaming for companies to accept cryptocurrency and price things in cryptocurrency. Then when it happens 8 years later, the primary attitude about it is salt just because the cryptocurrency of choice isn’t in the bag of certain people in the sub.

Grow up, take a step back, and recognize this as a huge win for cryptocurrency in general.

Edit: ITT, lots of non self-aware self-justification for gatekeeping behavior. Just recognize your biases that are very obvious to everyone else, and gain some perspective on your behavior and the rationale you tell yourself.

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