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I see so many people on here giving their advice, no matter how confident they are, they are just guessing and moving where the hype takes them.

"Buy LRC because GME is going to use them"

"Don't buy meme coins they're all going to die"

"ADA is going to have a use case sometime this century"

Yet if they knew this why would they be on a forum plastering their shill comments? Surely you'd just be DCAing and chilling, right?

This saves you a lot of anger. A lot of dumb comments or posts are just kids messing about. People take each comment so seriously and assume a full-grown adult wrote them. So next time you are tempted to reply, you may be arguing with a 13-year-old.

Nobody knows shit about fuck, even I know fuck all and just gamble.

edit: as you can see by some of the comments, this post has hit home.

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