WallStreetNinja is a 100% decentralised DApp that allows the user to interact w/ DeFi systems conveniently & most importantly – completely without the control of corporations, the government and similar centralized structures.

This is achieved through the use of a 100% decentralized technology suite, ie:

Network Relays: Pocket Network

Computing: Internet Computer & StackOS

Domain: ENS

Essentially, WallStreetNinja is a version of Trust Wallet, but 100% decentralised & completely non-custodial

The Developers has passed the KYC on SolidProof & is moving steadily along the Road Map. The alpha version of the project has already been launched – ws dot ninja

There will be an ILO of the project on the Unicrypt site on December 7.

WallStreetNinja token – $WSN , based on BSC.

Security audit by Chainsulting passed with the highest rating

The project has received support from major crypto market players like Darkpool Ventures and others.

Wall Street Ninja conducts aggressive PR with the help of AMA in big TG-communities, ads from popular bloggers on Twitter and other social networks.

The product has an active, vibrant community, showing harmonious growth.

Learn more about the project here – ws dot ninja

Chat here – telegram wsninja

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