Since the last post on SSD, this has done a 7x in only 3 days. If you want to be part of something special and unique, now is the time to buy in!

TIP is a Community DAO Disruption Project on the Binance Smart Chain. We are about to start a marketing campaign using influencers, paid for by the unique tokenomics which has made CyOp incredibly successful. Essentially, those holding the token vote on what token to disrupt. That token is then bought with the disruption fund, and the purchased tokens are burnt, giving everyone a chance to profit and be an insider.

If you are buying now, you would be extremely early in the projects life. We have big plans and an enviable team working on this token. If you don't know what community disruption is all about, you are strongly advised to read the website before you buy. The few lucky people who invest early will be best placed to make returns if the token reaches a much higher market cap. Currently it is at 10k, and has done a 10x in less than one day.



✉️ Telegram:

Contract: 0x83956a6ced7e6877ab38f6661ada5a11f4d4dbc1


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