Just looking for info! So ive invested some into crytpo and been hearing about NFTs for awhipe, followed stocks that have mentioned anything with NFT involved and so on. Ive followed some things like bored apes and did some reasearch on the NFT house that sold for half a million. Cyber punks. All the main stream things basically. Ive seen sports clips being sold as NFTs and scrolling through here i have some questions.

First, some things im seeing look as if they would go against a copyright with certain symbols or logos and such, i would hate to invest to find out down the road because of a copyright my NFT can be removed, taken away, or illegal due to copyright infringement. Maybe im not informed enough but I am curious.

Second, clearly I see you can go to opensea for NFT purchases from what ive seen. Where else can I go?

Third, say i use coinbase as my cryto wallet, should i use something else, where would i hold specific NFTs i buy? When i buy cryto, i have my own personal wallet on coinbase. Is it the same as crypto as for holding it, like in a blockchain wallet?

And lastly, after all those are answered, where can i start. Do you buy and sell NFTs as investments, buy and hold them to have like a card collection? Im new and curious i suppose. Any help would be appreciated.

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