"I never thought I would ever be able to use these words together. My experience with crowdfunding and ICO’s has been one of uncertainty and sometimes losses. I never thought of the possibility of making a residual profit on my investment in crowdfunding. I have been doing some research on viable crypto-based investments in 2022. I believe I might have found one, Escrow Yield-farming protocols.
The Escrow Protocol is a decentralized trust fund that combines traditional crowdfunding with Blockchain technology. Yield-farming protocols on the Escrow ecosystem allow investors to stake ESCROW into a liquidity pool secured by smart contracts, with the goal of passively earning high-yield interest as the ESCROW token appreciates. Returns are calculated based on annual percentage yield (APY), which is the rate of return accrued over the course of a year on a given investment. Funds held in escrow for projects that go beyond one year may see potential gains up to 25% in value or more, just by having been allocated to Yield-Farming protocols while being held in escrow waiting for payout. Of the APY gains for each project, 80% of funds are remitted to the investor, 10% of funds are paid out to the project and 10% are paid out to Escrow Protocol as platform fees. As Escrow Protocol grows, the platform seeks to offer internal liquidity pools and risk-assessed Yield programs ranging from “zero risk” to “low risk” to “high risk,” with adjusted APYs to help foster project growth and rewards for investors on the platform.
I believe this looks viable not entirely because of the APY but because this invariably ensures accountability of crowdfunding creators and provides oversight to the backers. "

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