Hey guys, I would like to tell you about WannaSwap and the WANNA token. WannaSwap is the largest DEX in the Aurora Ecosystem. They have a WANNA governance token. This token is also given for farming, and it can be staked at 45% APY. The Aurora ecosystem is now very much evolving, new partnerships are being created, and bridges with other networks are being created. For example: in addition to a bridge with NEAR and Ethereum, Aurora has bridges with Terra, BSC, Avalanche, Polygon, and Fantom. Consequently, the Aurora ecosystem receives a large amount of liquidity, which will first go to DEXs. And now the most important thing is that the capitalization of the project is $10M, the Launchpad will be launched in the near future, and most likely the WANNA token will be needed to participate in IDO. I believe that WannaSwap can easily replicate the success of Pancake Swap, imagine if you had the opportunity to buy Pancake token right now at the very beginning, now this is happening with the token in Wanna, this is still a very small project, but with a big future.

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