Nowadays conversations are dotted with the Web3.0, which points to wipe out intermediaries on the internet. What I love about this revolution is that we will be the ones to command data, steer new dialogues, and surf the new wave of DeFi. And of course the cryptocurrency will be at the heart of it.

Many are asking about how this new web will be bureaucratic. Simply, four main technologies will be in hand to make the Web3.0 a reality. The semantic web or what’s known as data web. Of course, the decentralized technology to scale systems of decentralization among the larger populace and supersede traditional databases. 3D web technology such as virtual identities, interactions and more will grow in use. And if you think about it, this is what the metaverse is all about right? And finally the social web, for example social media platforms built on a blockchain network that will operate without centralization through incentive structures to recompense and award users for contributing.

I see Polygon is doing some good work for example. It is hosting some of the biggest Web3 platforms and developers in the industry, from decentralized finance protocols to NFT marketplaces, even luxury brands like Dolce and Gabbana.

You can witness developers are using MATIC over other solution for simply allowing developers to migrate their projects, offering an entire suite of solutions and a broad range of scaling options with an extremely high degree of real-time operational flexibility and scalability.

So now as I went briefly through what I believe will be the future, I also think that projects that will be funding and helping in implementing Web3.0 will be the ones to receive extensive backing from users and developers.

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