"The sports betting industry has seen massive growth in the last five years. From a market value of 87 billion dollars 3 years ago to a whopping 200 billion dollars currently and an estimated 400 billion dollars over the next few years. These numbers are particularly impressive when you consider some of the challenges this industry currently faces. Two of which are regional restrictions, and overly stringent monitoring/restrictions imposed by regulators. A major reason why these challenges exist is due to the centralized nature of most sport betting exchange’s. This makes external monitoring by regulators relatively easy and invariably regional ubiquity difficult.

The advent of DeFi proffers a solution to the Sports betting conundrum. Its decentralized architecture eliminates the regulators entirely. The same architecture also ensures borderless betting. Basically, anyone with an internet connection can bet from any region of the world. A couple of sport betting brands are beginning to leverage on the DeFi architecture for benefit, however, right now there appears to be just one exchange who on paper has perfected this business model. It’s called Betswap and they are actually the first decentralized betting exchange and are powered by the Ethereum layer 2 Polygon. Sadly, most of their features are still in Beta but nonetheless, I believe they are about to revolutionize the world of sports betting.

So just in case you were waiting for an explicit statement, the future of sports betting is DeFi. Would love to know your thoughts about this."

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