We are a hybrid crypto-FIAT social marketplace where merchants can:

🔥 Sell products (similar to Amazon/eBay) 🔥 Book services (similar to Upwork/Airtasker) 🔥 Hire staff (Job classified) 🔥 Sell courses (similar to Udemy) 🔥 Tell their story with posts, photos and video content (similar to Facebook/Linkedin)

Telegram: https://t.me/PurchasaMain

We know that our platform will be a lot of merchants' first exposure to crypto, so we will be offering checkout in their local currency, with discounts when accepting popular cryptos and near feeless transaction fees when using our utility token. This will also apply for our in-built ad network. Consumers will also receive discounts on checkout when using our utility token.

Our platform is well into development (we have 3 full time devs), with a beta release coming out for Android, iOS and web at the end of Q1 2022.

For more info on the project, please checkout our landing page: www.purchasa.com and our whitepaper: whitepaper.purchasa.com

Telegram: https://t.me/PurchasaMain

Here is also some additional information about what we are going to be releasing:

NFT range that will offer discounts on the platform and some cool use cases in our shopping metaverse and VR shopping experience.

Shopping Metaverse: Bringing the shopping experience into the metaverse, through virtual shopping for products in brand pages, to our own virtual shopping world and integrating e-commerce shopping into other metaverses. We also have some amazing ideas for training and education in the metaverse to be announced.

Purchasa Wallet: The Purchasa wallet will provide merchants, consumers and investors a gateway to buy, store, collect NFTs, exchange and earn crypto. It will also give any ecommerce website or platform in the retail space the ability to accept cryptocurrency as a method of payment via checkout.

Merchants will also be able to gain access and offer their customers SHOP Rewards benefits.

Telegram: https://t.me/PurchasaMain

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