How can an artist protect himself?

If this question is relevant for you, then let me introduce you to the REV3AL Technology

Many authors are still fighting scammers, proving the authenticity of their work, and bombarding platforms with requests to remove crypto art uploaded without their knowledge. To protect yourself from this, you need to remember a few simple rules.

The time has come for REV3AL technology – everything is easy, accessible, simple here. But this is easy for creative individuals, for geniuses in their field, and a completely impossible task for thieves.

Rev3al technology includes layers of encrypted security hidden within the asset itself, which can then be verified by the purchaser through physical interaction on their device and the REV3AL platform.

NFTs are unique, and although it is difficult for digital art collectors and sellers to prove their authenticity, progress in this regard is being made thanks to such technologies.I think this team is the best. And you?

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