What is this token all about?

It’s inspired by the game Flappy bird. The creators of Flappy Inu believe combining gaming and crypto will become the future of gaming. In preparation for this, they are aiming to bring back the popular game flappy bird with a few Shiba-like modifications. The flappy bird in the game for example is a Shiba bird. It is an intelligent strategy employed to market video games and crypto together in a subtle but intriguing way. The game is now available on their website.

Now what?

Here is a direct quote from their white paper “On a smaller scale Flap aims to develop the most popular decentralized crypto gaming ecosystem, FlapWorld, where Flap will be the main currency”. Users will be able to access features and levels within the game by holding Flap and NFTs created by Yoshi and the team”. They have multiple developments and a lot of bold claims. They say you are going to be able to connect your wallet to the game and if you hold certain tokens the game will change by adding new levels and features. Which I think is pretty cool.

How is it not a scam?

On their website, they have posted the burn of half their supply on Etherscan. They have burnt their LP tokens and have posted on their website the Etherscan link. Essentially ensuring that it is impossible to rug pull. They also go into great detail on how they are transparent on their whitepaper. Saying everything they do will be public and the community will have a say.

What is my opinion?

I think the creators have created something special “by bringing fun and problem solving technology together.” Flappy Inu has a fun and intriguing platform to attract users of all backgrounds. Staying ahead of the future trends in gaming and crypto is hard, but not impossible. Flappy Inu presents a relatively easy low-risk opportunity to get ahead of the curve as there is a particularly large market for gaming tokens like Flappy Inu to grow exponentially as crypto does. Finally, who doesn't love a flappy Shiba bird?

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