Aurora is Layer 2 blockchain on Near for scalability on Etherium applications. In the ego network, there are zero commissions for all transactions, good support from Near, and excellent technical capabilities. Attracting good sums for development.

Lately, I've been noticing a fairly rapid development of the Defi sector on this young blockchain. They are already actively partnering with other blockchains, integrating tokens into the network and connecting bridges. It already runs applications with good prospects, as well as integration into bridges and wallets.

I think that this is a good environment for the development of DeFi, and we already see good opportunities for making money there, namely in various farms and dex, and most likely there will be even more opportunities, as the Near ecosystem is expanding and huge sums are allocated for the development of DeFi, so I think it’s worth taking a closer look to the Aurora blockchain and Defi on it in 2022!

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