"Blockchain-based games have been the boom of the last few months in the crypto world I think we can all agree on that. Leaving huge profits to their developers, creators and early investors.

But, one problem is that they are not fully decentralized, there are always creators with a lot of percentage of the coin, the price of the coin is manipulated, the internal economy of the game is centralized and other measures that prevent the decentralized growth of the game. In addition, many of these ""games"" are just click-to-earn which makes that even the developers themselves do not re-invest in their project and I am not the only one who thinks this. Another problem, is that they are titles that incite money, click-to-earn not to play, they are not triple A titles.

However, there is a group called DIG, which in case you didn't know, participated in the development of the world's first blockchain MMORPG, also pillar in Kart Racing League, Legends of Aria and Realms Ethernity. This group is also involved in several De-Fi protocol developments which can be good as they know about decentralization economically.

One of the most important feats of this group is the desire to turn traditional titles that encourage gaming and not just money making, into a whole NFT world. With profit, game and all that this implies.

Do you think that the traditional titles we play can become a decentralized and blockchain game world?"

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