Im new to cryptocurrency, and I'm very interested in investing my savings into an autotrading website or bot. I've noticed many of these websites are scams, and we were scammed yesterday by quite a well known site and lost an investment worth $5000. Despite this, I am still very interested in finding the right app or website or coach that can help me achieve my goal. I want to invest my money in bitcoin and ether, specifically a website or app that can work with algorithms. I am still learning a lot, and I realize I will make mistakes and lose money sometimes. I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask for advice but I just want to know if anyone knows of any good autotrading bots/apps/websites that won't scam me? Any advice would be appreciated. Just to add, basically the website that did us in, we made $3000 profit off of a $2000 investment, they demanded we pay (upgrade our account) $10 000 in order to withdraw our money, so we've lost it all as they have blocked our account unless we make payment. Are there sites who won't do this? I understand there's different packages available sometimes but its a bit ridiculous to be charged $10 000 to be able to access our money. They didn't make this clear at all when we contacted them in the beginning when depositing our money.

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