Beta testing of FCFPay is live! The FCF ecosystem is about to see the light!

33% of all the FCF ecosystem fees goes into the dividend pool (Reward holders in BNB)

33% of all the FCF ecosystem fees goes into a buy back of FCF token instantly followed by a burn!

$FCF is a revolutionary token developing a cypto payment gateway that is integrating with the two biggest e-commerce platforms – WooCommerce & Shopify! Imagine paying on e-commerces with crypto! You could shop online and spend your crypto gains without having to send them to the bank. This would make Crypto the CASH of the internet!

This will allow FCF to unite the $4 trillion-dollar online shopping industry with the cryptocurrency world. This unification positions FCF as inevitable for mass adoption and secures the future of FCF as an essential crypto technology!

$FCF got listed on 4 exchanges in 4 weeks! LBANK, HOTBIT,COINSBIT AND LATOKEN. There is more to come! Dev is working on and KUCOIN

The payment gateway will incentivize adoption by featuring a fee structure lower than PayPal and credit card processing companies.

Beta testing is live now! And FCFPAY full launch is in February! FCF Pay will allow you to buy flowers with BNB and order food with Cardano (or any other crypto) without requiring you to swap crypto for fiat and then transferring that into your bank account! Simply buy with your existing credit card using the FCF payment gateway!

Every payment gateway transaction will also induce a buy back and BURN mechanism in FCF, thereby increasing the value of your FCF by reducing the overall supply!

$FCF rewards holders with 5% BNB dividends based on trading volume AND when FCF Pay is launched, you will earn dividends on every payment gateway transaction! This safeguards your investment from bear markets by establishing a second source of dividend revenue! Imagine receiving a portion of the $4 trillion-dollar e-commerce industry simply by holding FCF!

FCF has launched an NFT collection, The FrenchFellas!

The Dev is always active and always OVERDELIEVERS.

Dev is Doxxed, KYCd and a Certik audited!


NFT COLLECTION JUST LAUNCHED almost 50% already sold! You can win up to 140 000$ by minting:


NFT Website:

Contract: 0x4673f018cc6d401aad0402bdbf2abcbf43dd69f3


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