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10 Days ago I made this comment on a post here:

One downside I think people don't talk about enough is that Curve has a shitty UX and all the liquidity is fragmented, which means theoretically a new Dapp could do a better job than Curve. AAVE and Uniswap (Hell even ethereum in general) have all lost dominance in their various sectors, there's no reason Curve shouldn't either. I personally think Platypus Finance on avalanche will take a portion of their pie, but If you research there's probably better competitors I don't know about. The moment I see an echo chamber get that big, I turn the otherway and look for what's gonna address the biggest problems. This thinking helped me find alternative L1's like polygon and Avalanche early.

I wouldn't have been offended if someone told me I was shilling that day. However A LOT has changed since then. Platypus Finance had a successful launch that blew away my expectations. The protocol is closing in on 200 million TVL on it's first day and is offering lower fees (they announced a drop from 0.04 to 0.01% fee on trades before launch!), less fragmentation, low price slippage, and a new single currency staking model that is a better UX than curve. I think they will absolutely challenge CURVE in TVL on the avalanche platform, and if they choose to expand further, they will challenge CURVE overall.

I am posting this to remind people in the CURVE bubble that their favourite Dapp does not have the MOAT they think it does. Over time people will choose the better product. Remember to constantly challenge you beliefs. People that stuck with ETH, AAVE, Compund and UNI because of how good they were during during defi summer, missed out on serious gains. Don't be like those people.

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