The world is going digital now and it's affecting our everyday life everything including how we spend. One recent trend that is continuing to blossom is the cryptocurrency space is the crypto cards.

As more crypto cards are becoming available, there is interest from users to earn rewards while using their cards. The crypto card function like a traditional credit cards but they pay rewards in digital currencies like BTC and the rest.

Crypto cards are also always backed by card issuers like Visa and MasterCard. It's a new way of spending that every crypto enthusiast should be exploring. Some of the Crypto cards I have found really interesting are; card which gives it's returns in CRO( it's token). There are alot of incentives while using this card which includes 10% back on Airbnb and Expedia purchases, 100% back on your Amazon prime, Netflix and Spotify purchases. is compatible with more than 90 different cryptocurrencies so it's widely used.

Another option which I have personally explored and is situatable for me is the Eidoo-card which is integrated with Loopring so transactions are very cheap. They have a couple of options with their card from Basic card, Basic card + VIP, VIP+ and the black card where you can enjoy up to 16% cashbacks. It is the only layer 2 card on the market.

The more companies adopt Crypto, the more popular Crypto cards will get, Traditional banking is already falling behind so it's logical go hop on the latest trend.

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