I made this post for 2 reasons. Firstly to farm moons (despite the fact that moons are a shit coin and that monetizing upvotes has ruined this subreddit and will ruin any subreddit) secondly to bring attention to what I like to call blindly sucking off anyone who agrees with you. Just because someone supports BTC or crypto in general doesn't mean that person should be admired. For example authoritarian president Bukake of El Salvador. Despite self-proclaiming himself as the "Dictator of El Salvador," the "coolest dictator in the world," and the "Empeor of El Salvador," president Bukake has wide support among this community. Despite being an authoritarian politician who is opposed to freedom of speech and gay rights he is still widely supported among this sub. President Bukake's behavior is the complete oppisite of the cyber-libertarian ideals that Nakomoto had in mind when bitcoin was created. Pls stop sucking him off he doesn't deserve it. Thanks.

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