This is what a VISA gold credit card looks here in Venezuela, a credit limit of 0.2 USD! Also the balance is shown Petro, goverment cryptocurrency.

Hi guys, I'm a Venezuelan living here in the country, crypto enthusiast. I thank a lot of users of this community for their support!

This is a screenshot of a VISA credit card here in Venezuela, it is issued by Mercantil bank (a private bank with more than 90 years). As you can see it says "Dorada", that means gold, so it is not a basic credit card.

The available credit (Disponible in spanish) is 1 Bs. (Bolivares) or 0.004 PTR (Petro, goverment crypto). That translates in around 0.2 USD. As today 1 USD is 4.6 Bs. In theory by the goverment they want the Petro to be a stablecoin, with a fixed value of 60 USD (Around 270 Bs.), more of that below.

The credit (all credit, not only credit card) is heavily restricted, years ago this credit card would have a limit of at least 500 USD (seems to be low for 1st world countries, but for 3rd world is was "ok"). Maybe you can find a black credit card with 50 USD credit limit, but no more than that for sure!

And, these VISA/MC/AMEX/DINNERSCLUB Venezuelan credit card only work inside Venezuela, you cannot use to purchase in a currency different than the Bs.

The interest rate is fixed to 48% yearly and that is ONE of the reasons credit is dead, inflation is way over (last year it was 700%).

Credit card companies have to comply by law, if not, leave the country.


There are two Petro versions, I like to call them like that:

Petro V1: A total rugpull ran by the goverment to get money

Petro V2: Better, still is not a "free" crypto. Goverment insist its value is 60 USD by law but "free" market trade it at lower value, around 40 USD. Can be used to pay some things like gasoline, passports and goverment payments (taxes).

(Remember here we use , instead of . in the numbers)

Any question! Let me know!

Best regards.

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